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Covid-19 v Soap?

Covid-19 v Soap?

Why is soap so important in dealing with Covid-19?

Daily life is different for us all right now. Whether you are maintaining a semblance of your normal daily routine while employing social distancing or you’re completely self-quarantining and isolating, it is equally important in all instances to wash hands and to make sure commonly touched items and surfaces are clean.

Wash the virus away

You don’t need a strong antibacterial soap to minimise the risk of getting sick and spreading the illness, regular soap is great. However, soap that contains marine algae has the additional benefit of a dose of iodine. Iodine will destroy bacteria, moulds, yeasts, protozoa and many viruses.

COVID-19 is a virus, not a bacteria. Soap has a particularly molecular makeup of what are actually called “soap molecules” which possess both hydrophobic (water-averse) and hydrophilic (water-attracting) properties. When introduced to water, the water-attracting parts of the tiny soap molecules are able to dissolve fatty substances and lipids. This is a particularly important at a time where the culprit of COVID-19 is a coronavirus. This virus is encased inside a fatty lipid envelope which the soap is able to effectively dissolve. Rinsing your hands off with warm water afterwards removes it from your skin completely.

Soap inactivates viruses to some degree when it breaks down the protective lipid layer, by washing your hands with soap and water, you’re removing the virus and the mucous associated with the virus from your skin. If it’s not on your skin, it’s not going to get inside of you.