Winter Spice Candle


Our candles are made using premium natural soy wax and wooden wicks.
For our candle tins the burn time is approximately 40 hours.
Please contact us to find out about fragrance oils used.

We hope you enjoy this candle. It is made from soy wax, derived from natural vegetables and is biodegradable. It is a natural, renewable source which is non-toxic. The tin may be re-used and is easily washed out with soap and water when your candle has finished.

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Soy wax, fragrance oil (please contact us for more information on fragrance oils used).

The fragrance oil used in this candle contains: Butylphenyl methylpropional, citral, linalyl acetate.


To get the most out of your candle:

Trim the wick to one-quarter inch before burning for the first time.

Allow the top layer of wax to liquefy completely and pool right to the edge of the tin before extinguishing. This will take approximately 3 hours, prolonging the life of your candle and improving the quality of the burn.

Keep candles out of draughts to prevent rapid, uneven burning.

Remember to trim the wick to one-quarter inch for more complete combustion each time you relight your candle. Keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches and debris at all times.

Weight 230 g