Our Biodegradable

Nature and the environment are very important to us and is part of everything we do.

We now automatically send out our soaps without wrapping (naked), unless customers request otherwise. For those who prefer or need to have wrapping we use is plant-based, British-made cellophane which is compostable. The labels and bands we use are made of recycled, recyclable paper which are held in place by compostable adhesive discs. The Surfers soap label is tied with strips of recycled wetsuits. Our soaps are also available in tins which are British-made and reusable or refillable. The soaps are folded inside compostable tracing paper. The labels are made from recycled paper and are recyclable. Currently we use recyclable/reusable/refillable blue PET bottles for two products and this will be upgraded to totally recyclable/reusable/refillable glass or aluminium soon.

Great to cut out the plastic bottle!

D. Powell