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Our Smaller Soaps

Guest Soaps, Wedding Favours, Corporate Gifts & Hospitality 

We are committed to helping keep bathrooms plastic free and are aware of the unnecessary waste from half-used shampoo containers and leftover soaps. We have been producing mini and guest soaps and shampoos that are proving increasingly popular.

During 2019 we have seen a rise in hospitality-provider customers ordering naked (unwrapped!) small soaps and shampoos from us to use in their guest rooms. We provide two small sizes: “Minis”, which are approximately 30g, ideal for week-long stays and come with a banded label which can be personalised with your property name for no extra charge and “Guest” soaps which are approx 12g and come with a small info card.

It’s sobering to hear statistics such as how 200 million hotel shampoo and conditioner miniatures are unceremoniously dumped from UK hotels into landfill each year where they will remain for hundreds of years. In an effort to kick out avoidable single-use plastic by 2021, the hotel industry is beginning to shun miniatures. Marriott International, who estimate that they send about 500 million tiny bottles—roughly 1.7 million pounds weight of plastic, into landfills every year, will be eliminating single-use toiletry bottles across its hotels worldwide and InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) in the UK, will be removing all plastic toiletry bottles from its 843,000 rooms in 5,600 hotels. 

If we add the waste bathroom plastic and contents from all holiday-let cottages and B&B providers it would add up to a frighteningly huge amount.